Our current practice schedule (as of September) is for a practice session one Saturday monthly, 9.00-10.30 am. We will present the EASE series, followed by a round of sitting practice. This is followed by a walking round and a seated contemplation. There is always time available for discussion and questions.
We provide sitting mats and cushions, as well as straight-back chairs. Participants may chose whichever provides the best practice experience for them.

As this year winds down, we wish the best to you and your family. All the best and worst of winter is approaching. Its a time of bundling up and finding ways to enjoy the challenges of this climate. We will meet at Heritage Manor as is our habit. 
Our next practice date is Saturday, December 14 (9:00-10:30).   Our End/Beginning of Year sessions are times to reflect and reset. We have provided a simple worksheet to help you. We invite you to use the questions to reflect on the ending year. (We will provide a similar sheet for the New Year). Our session will provide a time to share what we have learned and provide feedback for our larger sangha review.

We meet here in Pembroke

The Heritage Residence: Entrance is on the right, parking on the left.